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How to access a blocked web site?

1. Go to Start->'Run' in Windows

2. Open command prompt by typing 'cmd'

3. Now in the command window type 'ping url' and hit enter
'url' is the site you want to access, such as, www.google.com

4. After few second it will return the ip address of the website.

5. Now open windows calculator in scientific mode and convert each octave of the ip address to a corresponding binary, form example is the ip address is, then convert 209 to binary which equivalent to 11010001, now convert 85 to binary which is 01010101 and so on

6. After converting the ip to binary(11010001.01010101.10011001.00010001)type this each converted octaves to the url box of the browser, no you surf the site.

go to the website http://www.pc-help.org/obscure.htm for further information.
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