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How to hide a .rar file into a .jpg file ??

1. Go to Start->Run

2. Type 'cmd' and hit enter button

3. Command prompt will be opened within a second. Now navigate to the place where you kept the .rar file and .jpg file. The command is :

cd path
(Where the path is destination of the .rar and .jpeg file)

4. Now, in the command prompt window type Copy /b x.jpg + y.rar output.jpg

Where, x is name of the image file, y is the rar file name, and output is the desired image file name.

5. Double click on the output.jpg, it will open the image as it was in x.jpg and y.rar will be hidden in output.jpg file.

6. Now, if you want to see the contents of y.rar, open the output.jpg with Winrar application. Try this out on your own.
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